Frogfish Solutions is an affordable, easy-to-use technology solution for gaining the control & efficiency you need to manage your entire enterprise for increased growth & profitability

Frogfish Solutions is the manufacturing and distribution industry's finest and most comprehensive vertical solution. Designed just for specialized business segments, our industry-focused applications deliver true business process automation to your entire enterprise. Whether you are using our ApparelIT™ Series or our FurnitureIT™ Serries, you have a myriad of key benefits to help you keep a competitive edge. Among the most critical of these is total system integration that connects every phase of the product lifecycle, and every module is designed by our own development team to interact seamlessly with the others, facilitating an effortless flow of information for managing every aspect of your business.

Frogfish Solutions allows your company to harness the power of the Internet and incorporate a true workflow design technology to deliver sophisticated tools that empower your team to plan and communicate effectively; respond quickly and handle changing business conditions

Another important element of the Frogfish Solutions suite is flexibility. While most providers require you to run your business according to the design of their software, we understand that no two companies are exactly the same.

With Frogfish Solutions you get a robust and configurable application that will meet your specific needs, both now and as those needs evolve. A powerful workflow design module enables you to apply your rules, processes and business logic so that you can truly automate according to your own business model.

Finally, with Frogfish Solutions you get the benefit of vast experience. We have been designing software for product designers, developers, manufacturers and distributors since 1985, so we possess the knowledge and expertise to deliver a complete, proven, cost-effective solution. You need a true technology partner, not just a software supplier, and we are committed to delivering the technology solutions that will help your enterprise adapt, innovate and thrive.

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